Getting Closer…

I spent hours yesterday updating three of my websites, even though it started out as a rough day anyway.

The new medication my psychiatrist prescribed really knocks me out. I can’t remember what the medication is called, but it’s an antidepressant that I take alongside my other antidepressant and mood stabiliser. I went to bed at a decent time (for me), and slept solidly right through until 2:30pm.

It takes me ages to wake up, and even then I’m still not quite there. It’s very difficult to get out of bed. My whole body hurts like hell and my legs can’t support me properly. I have to hold onto furniture to steady myself. I go to the kitchen and make some coffee and then take my medication.

It still takes me quite a while before I’m actually able to do anything. My head feels as though it’s stuffed with cotton wool and my eyes don’t focus properly.

By around 4:30pm, I felt able to load up the laptop and get cracking with my websites. I’ve neglected my websites for too long. I’ve just not been able to do anything with them. It’s very hard when you’re battling pain all over your body and trying to cope with constant fatigue.

I had to do something. I intend getting back into Tarot readings. I also have a sewing machine and an overlocker sitting doing nothing in my bedroom. There is also a collection of card making stuff and pencils that are seldom used. I can’t draw by the way, but I bought a set of 120 Faber Castell coloured pencils anyway. This bipolar disorder really screws up the way you think. I thought I’d be the next Van Gogh or something. How stupid is that?

I’ve also saved a few YouTube videos of guitar lessons so I can pick my guitar up again. I was just messing around with it for ages, never really bothering to try and improve my playing.

Now I’m rambling. I recognise the fact. It’s getting late so I’m heading off to bed.

See you soon!

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